Krav Maga Queen Joins Team Ballbuster

Clip Time: 10 Minutes Clip Size: 920/mb

WARNING: This may be our HOTTEST and also the most BRUTAL Ballbusting clip yet.Melina is an exotic beauty who is a Pro Wrestler, a Pro Fitness Competitor and now a Pro BALLBUSTER! Melina has spent her life perfecting her Fighting abilities, she trains relentlessly in Krav Maga, and at the gym, and shes became internationally known as the ultimate Ball Wrecking Fighting Woman! When we contacted her about possibly having a tryout for Team BALLBUSTER, her response was You better have a few extra actor guys around, because Im probably going to send one or two of them to the hospital! She wasnt kidding! The victim in this clip had to go to the Emergency Room shortly after the shoot because testicular torsion caused one of his Nuts to swell up to the size of a grapefruit! He almost lost it completely! LOL! Not gunna lie, me and the girls had a good laugh at that one!Anyway, buy this clip and watch Melina absolutely PUMMEL this losers Balls over and over again with 3 rounds of Ballbusting Brutality. This Muscle Goddess Kicks, Knees, Punches, Grabs, and SQUASHES his Nuts with incredible Speed and Power. We slapped a 1080 POV camera on his head so theres plenty of views in this non-stop Ballbusting, Foot Domination, Femdom, Beatdown clip. Your going to LOVE Melina, but if you ever visit Girls Next Door Studios, theres a good chance shell Rupture Your NUTS! BAHAHA!- Lady Shayne

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