Lingerie Modeling Ballbusting: Kellie and Jordan Break Balls- Director’s Cut

Clip Time: 14 Minutes Clip Size: 197/mb

This is a re-release of a classic BB Legends video clip. Ballbusting Legends is extremely happy to introduce Jordin to the ballbusting world! Jordin is a classic example of what it is we do here at BB Legends. A 20-year-old modeling friend of Kellie’s, I saw her in numerous photos with Kellie on Kellie’s Myspace and I knew we had to have this beauty for reasons that should be rather obvious! Jordin may have the sexiest face in ballbusting, not only because she is stunningly beautiful, but because her facial expressions are always incredibly sexual when she’s busting a guy- she seems to be flirting with him and mocking him all at the same time, and god damn is it sexy! Jordin has a very slender, leggy body with possibly the biggest and best natural boobs I have ever seen on a skinny girl, and those puppies are just exploding out of herlingerie outfit! My only worry about Jordin was that she might be too nice to really kick and knee hard, but my oh my was I wrong- not only does she go 110% every single time, but she tends to keep kicking or kneeing until the guy falls to the ground in excruciating agony. In this clip, Kellie and Jordin are lingerie models shooting with a new photographer- and they are asked to pose in a variety of ways that they find offensive- so they smash his balls repeatedly. This is probably one of the more brutal clips that we have filmed, and both girls look unbelievable in their lingerieoutfits! During one amazing part of the clip Jordin explosively knees the guy like 20 times in a row without stopping . Kellie is also awesome as always, rocking her own lingerie outfit in and looking simply breathtaking…..what else would you expect from this beauty? A must-see for all ballbusting fans- frankly I think that anyone who did not have a bb-fetish WOULD after watching this movie! All in all, its another hott girl with a ballbusting fetish created by BB Legends

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