LITTLE girl BIG Kicks!!!

Clip Time: 12 Minutes Clip Size: 477/mb

OMG, wow. Hailey might be little but she sure can kick hard. She shoves a dirty sock in the bound guys mouth and says "thie is gonna hurt". He knows hes in for it. At first Hailey is being more playful with non stop kicks, belly punching, slaps to the face, over and over. Treating him like her little punching bag. Her objective. To hurt him. Bad. Barefoot didn’t seem to do the job, so she starts lacing up her stomping boots, as she refers to them. And kicks full force. With all her little might. The last 2 minutes were incredible. She put all the effort in her little body to destroy the balls.. Absolutely adorable. There is something so sexy about how proud of herself she is when she sees him in agony. At the end she sucks on candy cane smiling because she is happy he went to the hospital.

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