Ludella Hahn Wants a Workout HD

Clip Time: 10 Minutes Clip Size: 222/mb

Ludella wants to get her morning workout in but she has a big problem. Her looser roommate cleaned the house, but he threw out her DVDs in the process. So much for having good help! Now he will pay. Ludella is all ready for a hard core action backed kickboxing workout, and she will have one now matter what. Her roommate wakes up and he becomes her punching and kicking bag. Specifically, his low hanging ball bag will be her primary target. Ludella is one of the hardest kickers that we know, so she will make him pay dearly. He will be lucky if he has any balls after this workout! We filmed this clip with two cameras – a first for us! Both of which are HD. While Ludella was in the clip, her friend and fellow ballbuster, Nyxon ran the second camera. This clip contains footage from both cameras. We will release all of Nyxons footage next weekend.

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