Ludella Hahn Wants a Workout – Nyxon’s Camera Full

Clip Time: 9 Minutes Clip Size: 136/mb

Ludella woke up this morning wanted to have a good workout before she started her day. There was one problem her workout DVDs were thrown out when her roommate cleaned. He not only threw out her yoga DVDs, but also the tae bo and kickboxing ones as well. Ludella knows that nothing is better than a kickboxing workout when she is pissed off and that is exactly what she wants right now. Since there is no DVD to motivate her, she will use her roommate as her kicking dummy. That is very bad news for him because she is really mad and her kicks will be devastating. He will think twice about throwing out any DVDs next time! This was filmed at the same time as the regular version of Ludella Hahn Wants a Workout but this version was filmed through a camera held by Nyxon. This gives it a completely different perspective. Buy it and compare it to our edited version that includes selected footage from both cameras.

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