Maxine Payne’s First Time Ballbusting

Clip Time: 10 Minutes Clip Size: 743/mb

The tryout continues as Miss Queens teaches Maxine Payne several more ball CRUSHING techniques. They each take turns gaspedalling the pathetic slave and grinding their knees onto his balls as he lays on the ground begging for mercy. Maxine desperately asks for a chance to try as Miss Queens is having so much fun she can barely pull herself away from squashing his nuts. The groin demolition only gets worse as they stomp his balls flat, and take turns trampling his crotch. They step on his balls and try to balance on them for extra pain.The clip concludes with a double standing gaspedal where both girls lean their weight on his package in an attempt to RUPTURE his balls. It looks like Maxine earns her place on Team Ballbuster. Maxine actually told us after the shoot that she feels she was "Born to be a bratty ballbusting princess". We have to agree.

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