MGD0092 [Part 5 / 8] Ms.Mina Ms.Yumi love Cruel BallBusting and Whipping.

Clip Time: 4 Minutes Clip Size: 54/mb

Ms. Mina & Ms.Yumilove leather and BallBusting. They look very charming and cute, but So Cruel. They love Ballbusting very much. They use Their booted legs and leather clad knee. They shup up poor victim with the leather gloved hand and kick his crotch suddenly. He can not escape from them glompse and down on to the floor. They can not allow him to such position. They crop and whip his thigh, leg, butt, so hardly. He can not rest position no longer. [Part 5 / 8] angle 2 The contents of each clips should look at and check a right sample picture.

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