Missy Treats Him With Clothespins and Rope HD

Clip Time: 12 Minutes Clip Size: 357/mb

Missy is going to treat this cock boy a lesson. She ties up his hands and feet and spreads his legs. Fully restrained, he will not be able to move as she causes him a lot of intense discomfort. When his balls get bound she yanks them around and he feels the pain that Missy feels he deserves. Next he gets a few clothespins applied to his ball sack. When they are removed, he quickly finds that their removal can be worse than leaving them on. But that is not enough. Missy puts them all back and more. At the end of the clip, Missy gets up to leave and she looks at him. She has a big smile on her face and she giggles intensely as she walks away to leave him alone in pain.

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