Nasty Nurse!

Clip Time: 28 Minutes Clip Size: 160/mb

What a pity they do not provide this kind of treatment on the NHS! Sexy nurse Belle comes to check on her patient and he cannot help but have a quick grope of her bum – well he is human after all – which gets him a lot more than he bargained for! Sexy tease Belle decides to make him suffer by removing her prim and proper nurses uniform, leaving just her knickers and stockings, and giving his balls a good busting to take his mind off his injured head for a while! Belle takes great pleasure in waving her boobs and ass in her patients face to tease him as she kicks, knees, slaps, pinches, twists and squeezes his poor testicles, clearly loving every minute of her control over the poor man. If he was not injured before, he will be by the time Belle has finished having her fun with his nuts! A very sexy video from this keen new ballbusting starlet.

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