Painfully Busting His Balls – Low Bandwidth

Clip Time: 13 Minutes Clip Size: 48/mb

Mandy and Diedra use the vacuum pump to bust little Roberts balls! She suck his testicles until they stretch and bulge in his sack as they are sucked deep into the tube. Then she violently yanks the device off of his balls as it make a loud popping sound as she rips the unit off his sack! Ooops! She exclaims as his whole package, dick and all gets sucked down the tube. Then they make little Robert kneel on the ottoman and they abuse his nuts from behind kicking and slapping his nut sack as it dangles between his legs. Robert tells the girls he wants more as he squirms in pain!!! Again and again the 2 girls kick and slap his jewels as he buckles to his knees in pain!

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