Part 2 The Ballbusting Halloween Party

Clip Time: 9 Minutes Clip Size: 764/mb

Happy Halloween Losers! We have TWO special Halloween treats for you.First you get to witness the Sadistic Nurse Shayne, and the Ballbusting Super Villain Jenna finish up their Halloween Ballbusting Game and finish up Ball-Boys Nuts for good! Shayne drops our pet after a few mean knees, kicks, and punches, and when he tries to give up and crawl away, these evil Seductresses lure him back for more when they remove their sexy costumes to reveal even Sexier Thongs! WOW! Do those Asses ever look PERFECT! Not to mention the bouncing Boobies! I LOVE Halloween!Jenna and Shayne tease him with their Fit bodies, before each Grabbing a Nut and SQUEEZING the excitement out of his Testicles! They literally each grab a Nut and CRUSH! But thats not all, they Punch, they Knee, and they Kick his Nads until theyre satisfied that hes spending his Halloween on the ground, holding his Swollen Balls! BAHAHA!Oh, but wait, we have another Halloween Treat! Buy this clip, along with a few others . Simply forward your e-receipt to the Team BALLBUSTER email at the end of the clip from the email address youd like the free clips sent to, and the full name and description of the FREE clip youve chosen, and Team BALLBUSTER will make sure you have a Nut BUSTING Happy Halloween! Dont miss out, you buy $25 in clips, and can receive $50 in amazing clips!BOOTS 2 BALLS!Ashley Sparks XoX

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