Pay Off Your Debt – With Your Balls!!

Clip Time: 17 Minutes Clip Size: 614/mb

Naomi is petite, young, bratty and gorgeous. But we didn’t realize how sadistic she was until now. He has been dodging her for weeks, and she wants the $100 he owes her. She had the girls set him up, they invited him over, put him to sleep then he woke up with his hands tied up securely behind his back. Naomi is excited to hear of his capture. She rushes over to have some 1 on 1 alone time with him.. She knows his broke ass is never going to be able to pay up, so she says she will take a $1 off his debt for every time she can kick him in his nuts. Once his debt gets down to $75 she switches it up and tells him she will take off $2 for every kick, but the kicks are now gonna get harder. But she keeps forgetting the countdown which adds more kicks. Naomi might be petite, but she has a very strong kick. This guy is crying and screaming out in pain after every kick. And Naomi just keeps going harder, making him count it out. And laughing at how funny she thinks it is. Naomi’s foot afterwards was completely swollen. Its going to be a few weeks before this guy walks right again. Naomi is available for custom clips.

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