Rachel and Natasha Ballbusting Interview, 720p Version

Clip Time: 16 Minutes Clip Size: 749/mb

This clip is encoded in regular HD instead of "Full HD" for those who prefer a smaller file size. The video quality is excellent, but not quite as good as the Full HD version of the clip previously listed.Rachel and Natasha return in what is our best ballbusting interview to date! If you have seen their other clips, you know that these girls are mega-hot, super charismatic and love ballbusting. This interview covers a wide range of ballbusting topics- including what their favorite ballbusting technique is and who they want to ballbust outside of our shoots. The best part of the interview in my opinion though is when the stunning Rachel opens up about her real life ballbusting experiences- let’s just say she is a definite serial ballbuster! The girls love for attacking a man’s groin really shows through in this one.

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