Rapture’s swift ballbusting kicks

Clip Time: 10 Minutes Clip Size: 761/mb

Rapture is one sexy, muscular woman who is ready for some brutal ballbusting. Her loser slave Dante has entered the 20 kick gauntlet challenge. Rapture humiliates him and has him spread his legs. She is going to have no mercy on his balls as these are going to be 20 FULL FORCE kicks to the balls! Dante braces himself as Rapture steps back and kicks him as hard as she can. He drops to the ground immediately grasping his busted balls. Rapture just laughs at him and tells him to get up because he has 19 more kicks. His balls take a brutal ballbusting and an even worse punishment than he could ever expect. Rapture taunts you and dares you to take her ballbusting before one last kick that drops Dante to the ground and ruptured his testicles!

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