Red, White, And More Red!

Clip Time: 2 Minutes Clip Size: 148/mb

The last time Goddess Amadahy and Empress Jenifer joined forces they ripped through testicles on a level not yet seen before on the net. Now at last they are reunited with brand new white spiked boots. These spikes are surprisingly sharp and cause damage within the first few minutes of filming. Of course, the Sadistic goddesses just continue ripping into its penis and testicles causing substantial and possibly permanent cock head trauma which continues for 9 minutes of extreme torture in our promotional content on twitter!an important note: we told by clips4sale we could not advertise full length clips in separate portions in our wording. We actually almost had to remove of all these clips completely. therefore, we must inform you that we are only offering optional promotional content for clips4sale on our Twitter page. However, our many dedicated fans need not fret, we are doing this the same way as always. It is only the wording that is different. Watch Amazingly Brutal Previews And Optionally Access Long Length Promotional Clips4sale Content For This Clip On Twitter. Happy Holidays!

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