Sadistic Cockkicking With Hades Heels

Clip Time: 7 Minutes Clip Size: 276/mb

True sadist Goddess Amadahy found herself an evil pair of spiked boots in the Hades Heels. She has been lusting after using these heels on a slave and now she has the chance. She first starts with pummeling the slave’s tenderized genitals by swelling them up to create more surface area. She then begins aiming her spiked boots at its genitals and in gaining a new penis wound she precisely targets those wounds with her spikes and gains herself a gold metal in the good ol sport of cock head ripping! The end result, is an extra Bl00dy cock head and a hugely happy superlative Sadist! * DOWNLOAD ALL THE INSANITY AND WATCH THE UNCUT ACTION OF THIS CLIP ON TWITTER!

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