Safa Warda Administers the Chastity and Castration Treatment Full

Clip Time: 18 Minutes Clip Size: 159/mb

Safa is topless and ready to tease her partner. Safas subject is in a very precarious position. His arms and legs are bound as he is lying down with his privates exposed and ready for Safa to do as she pleases with them. Of course she is topless. This adds to the psychological torment that he must feel. Safa brings out the metal birdcage and his cock gets locked in a metal cage so no matter what, it will not feel Safas soft skin against it. The balls on the other hand will feel much more. She brings out a castrator and clamps down on his balls. He begs and pleads as the clamp tightens. You will be surprised what Safa gets out of her young play mate in exchange for keeping his manhood! He will be a slave to her for a long, long time!

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