Smell our Stinky Asses as we Smash your Nuts

Clip Time: 6 Minutes Clip Size: 487/mb

Smell our Stinky Asses as we Smash your NutsIn this Custom Clip the Tanya and I return in our sexy Wet Look Latex Thong Bikinis for some Ass Humiliation mixed with Ballbusting! What an amazing combo!After an off camera discussion, Tanya and I suddenly realize that we’re actually dating the same guy. This loser told each of us that he was committed, but now we know he’s just a cheater. Unfortunately for him, we ARE the vengeful type, and the only thing we love more than Humiliating a loser, and Farting in his face is Kicking him square in the Balls! BAHAHA!In this amazing clip, Tanya and I take turns poppin our perfect asses and shoving this losers face deep into each others cracks! LOL! The humiliation doesn’t end there however, because we are feeling gassy and think it’s absolutely hilarious to Fart right in his face and teach him a lesson or two. Not only do we take turns shoving his face into each others ass, but we also slam kicks into his disloyal Nuts as we force him to kneel at our feet. In the end his Nuts are broken, and we sandwich his face with our Booties and Fart him into submission.It’s never a good idea to cheat on a woman, if you break our hearts, we’ll BREAK your BALLSand Fart all over your ugly face! BAHAHA!!Spoil your Princess,Alexa Fire XoX

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