Sport Ballbusting

Clip Time: 6 Minutes Clip Size: 87/mb

Lorena brings her powerful legs, a weapon capable of pulverizing a man. Her trademark missile-like shots to the groin, and her no holds barred full force kicking mood. She had martial arts training and she knows how to bust balls. In this video, she’s teased to show us ballbusting fans her ability to make this man fall down on his knees, by her legs only. Her awesome eyes lock onto his, a small blink of them and he feels his groin exploding in pain. She likes those miliseconds, and instead of getting satisfied with that joy it brings her more hooked into the game to bust his balls more. Her knees don’t want to keep in the bench, and they mash his orbs as well. Watch this video, and be warned that from the first seconds to the very finish, she kicks his testes full force from all angles.

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