Strappy Sandal Ball Trampling Custom Clip

Clip Time: 11 Minutes Clip Size: 830/mb

As my time runs out to win the challenge, I step things up and BUST HARDER. I stomp his nuts flat, and then for good measure I jump on them landing with both feet SQUISH! He’s lucky to receive a few seconds to recover as I strap on my last pair of sandals; my sexy gladiators. These sandals are HOT and they have a secure fit which means I can really go HARD! I tease and humiliate him and then completely SQUASH his sh$t! I stomp, I gaspedal, I drop my knees on him, I lean and grind with all my weight in my relentless, remorseless mission to CRUSH his manhood. Finally I stand both feet on his worthless package and bounce and grind again, even raising one foot up so all my weight comes on his balls through one sandal. The loser whimpers and cries and gives up, effectively failing to win my BJ challenge. HAHAHA! Sucker!Instead of getting his dick sucked, he got his balls BUSTED!

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