T33nage Barefoot Bikini Ballbusting with Tonya and Heather

Clip Time: 16 Minutes Clip Size: 215/mb

Ballbusting Legends T##nage sensations, Tonya and Heather, are back in an instant classic. Simply put, you are not going to find girls like this on any other site. Tonya is sort of like a brunette Kate Upton- 18 years old, beautiful, slender, leggy, with unbelievable D-Cup natural boobs! Heather is much the same and almost as busty as Tonya. Both of these girls are just absolutely ruthless when it comes to ballbusting, and are clearly having the time of their lives as they launch barefoot kick after barefoot kick at the bb pets battered groin! Many good groin grabs by both girls in this one too. All in all, this is the sort of clip that defines what BB Legends is all about-16 minutes of pure t##nage enthusiasm and ruthless testicle destuction!

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