Teacher Trouble!

Clip Time: 30 Minutes Clip Size: 171/mb

Saffron has been summoned to her teachers office because her sexy black boots are not school uniform, and her skirt is too short! But pervy teacher Mr. Matthews goes too far when he orders her to remove not only her boots but also her skirt, so that he can take a good look at her legs and knickers! Saffron is not impressed at all when she realises his motives and makes sure he suffers for his mistake! She hits him right where it matters – in his vulnerable testicles! Saffron may not have kicked balls before but that does not stop her from dishing out an extremely hard busting to poor Matthews nuts – and she not only kicks but also knees, punches, slaps and squeezes his sore balls until he is a broken man and unable to move! Saffron looks incredibly sexy in her fishnet stockings and school uniform and her kick boxing training shows as she delivers hard kick after hard kick to Matthews unprotected balls. An excellent first video from sexy Saffron.

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