Tenderizing Testicles For Goddess Amadahy Part 2

Clip Time: 10 Minutes Clip Size: 589/mb

In a previous scenario, Princess Alexa and Kendall tenderized your balls with kicks to prepare you for Goddess Amadahy’s soon to come massacre. Now goddess Amadahy has a new pair of blue spikes that she is dying to try on you. She joins up with Princess Alexa and kicks your penis and testicles leaving behind a red mess for you to clean up! Princess Alexa joins in but Goddess Amadahy hogs the overwhelming majority of the action and princess Alexa had to keep fighting to get a shot. You will love this clip if you love Goddess Amadahy in particular. This is the ultimate edition that contains all the action, but as a result it has to be up for a limited length of time so act quickly before it is gone for good! We have some truly amazing stuff to bring you, but we need your support for it to be feasible to release. Please don’t forget to miss our two most recent spiked boot masterpieces as well.

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