Testicular Trauma Therapy

Clip Time: 11 Minutes Clip Size: 413/mb

Jay is faced with some rather unfortunate news from Dr.Star….it turns out that he has a rare form of testicular cancer. To add to the disdain of the situation, he knows he cannot possibly afford any of the expensive treatments to fight the disease.. But there is hope! After giving him his diagnosis, Dr.Star reveals that there is a new treatment still being studied which would cost him really nothing to participate in other than signing a waiver. Desperate and willing to try anything, Jay signs away and gets ready for his treatment session….As it turns out, the treatment is repeated trauma in the form of booted kicks to the groin! Over and over he pushes himself to endure the repeated blows to his poor balls from sexy, sadistic Dr.Star. Once his testicles become sufficiently swollen, the doctor explains that he will need to return the very next day for another round of treatment with the next nurse!

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