That Guy Off The Internet

Clip Time: 29 Minutes Clip Size: 343/mb

Holly is a big ballbusting fan and has tracked Rupert down to his day job as a carpet fitter, then lured him to her house under the pretence of wanting a new carpet… Really, she just wants to have a go with Rupert’s legendary balls! A swift kick in the nuts confirms Holly’s suspicions that Rupert is, indeed, that guy off the internet and she is soon having excellent fun busting his balls until he is whimpering with pain and writing on the floor in agony. Holly really does deliver some harsh kicks and knees to Rupert’s nuts in this sexy video. We love the glint of determination in her eye as she plants a hard kick or knee right on target, and her complete lack of concern for Rupert’s plight as he sobs with pain on the floor at her feet!

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