The Best Of Mistress Xena’s Ball Busting 1 – Low Bandwidth

Clip Time: 30 Minutes Clip Size: 110/mb

Here’s another great compilation of clips featuring Mistress Xena as she Destroys her slaves balls! In scene 1 – This is Vix’s first ever ball busting and Mistress Xena Sends him into a panic as she tightly ties his balls and as they turn purple, pokes and slices at his balls with her buck knife!! She slowly runs the blade over his testicles as she decides just how she will castrate them from his body.. Please Don’t Cut Me!! he begs as she drives the point into his scrotum and pushes it into his testicles. His breathing accelerates as sheer panic flows through his groin!!! The she takes her cane and begins to strike his purple swollen nuts as each strike sends a sharp stinging pain into his body!! As he cries and begs her to please stop she pokes the sharp wooden end of the cane into his testicles and wraps his scrotum around the splintering wood which produce Red Ooozing welts on his balls.. Strike after strike sends Vix whimpering in pain!! This is a busting he will never ever forget!!!! In scene 2 – Poor Tommy is chained and bare balled for his punishment. Seems he refused to wear his seat belt and Mistress Xena got a ticket on the way to the shoot. She is furious and ready to bust his big sensitive balls. She begins by making him very uncomfortable as she squeezes and slaps his balls then she ties his nuts and works them with the crop as they turn a nice blend of purple. Again and again she delivers stinging blows as his throbbing nut sack shoots pain into his groin. Please No! He begs as she nails his balls! Then she takes out her knife and threatens castration if he does not pay for the ticket and also the other money he owes her. Don’t Cut Them Off!!! He begs as the blade presses into his scrotum!! And in scene 3 – Poor Vix gets busted by the vaccum pump as Mistress Xena violently rips on his balls!!! She sucks his testicles deep into the tube as a tearing feeling shoots through his groin as his little sperm tubes start to separate from his testicles.. The she jerks the machine from his nuts as he whines in pain!!! First one nut and then the other and then both at one time!! Each time she stretches his nuts further down the tube as his body spasms in pain!!! Soon his balls are a deep purple color as the vaccum sucks the life blood from his balls!!

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