The Darwin Effect: Starring Rachel and Akira-

Clip Time: 18 Minutes Clip Size: 1314/mb

We have paired together a true ballbusting "dream team" in this one, and man are the results fantastic! These are two of the most lethal kickers in ballbusting, and you put them together and they just feed off of each other’s energy. The cgirls absolutely crush the bb pet to the point that he can no barefly stand for the last third of the clip. Rachel also works in all sorts of humiliation and degradation, as only this mega-hot 19 year old real life ballbusting princess can do. The name of this clip comes from the fact that the girls have decided to take the bb pet out of the gene pool entirely by crushing his balls- it’s Darwinism at it’s finest! The amount of sheer enjoyment of the brutality inflicted on a man’s groin is something to behold here…this clip is truly one for the ages!

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