The Female Slave

Clip Time: 7 Minutes Clip Size: 309/mb

WOW. New female slave is scary. And has HUGE Juicy Tits . And Amai treats her like a big D.O.G. What you guys don’t know is the female slave is a drop dead gorgeous 19 year old girl that is 100 percent submissive. to the females. But all you guys are going to get to see is a pair of big titties flopping around as her and Amai beat this guys nuts silly. The female slave does anything Amai tells her to. And Amai loves playing with her titties. And Amai demands that she DESTROY testicles. Even though its the Female Slaves first time ever busting nuts. Amai makes her put a pair of sneakers on and show no mercy to the male slave. Making her take a running head starts to bring more power to her kicks.Then makes her drop down to her knees and throw upper cuts. When Amai thought he was not receiving enough pain she would kick him herself….and holy S.H.I.T — Amai’s kicks were brutal. Sounded like racketball. Guy was in terrible pain, and is now back in emergency room.

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