The House Husband!

Clip Time: 28 Minutes Clip Size: 160/mb

We have another sexy new ballbuster for you this update – please welcome Naja to Ballbusting World! Hard working Naja has been out at work all day and gets home to find her layabout husband Matthew still in his pyjamas! He has not even started on the list of chores she left him and he has not made the dinner either. Naja is not pleased at all so strips Matthew out of his pyjamas and busts his balls to ensure that next time he does his housework! Naja starts the ballkicking wearing her frightening PVC platform boots, before removing them and carrying on barefoot. Lots of great kneeing and kicking from Naja, who also seems to have quite a penchant for punching Matthew in the cock, much to his dismay and her obvious delight! Naja really seems to enjoy torturing Matthews testicles, and we love her devilish giggling each time she connects with a particularly good shot and floors Matthew. An excellent debut from Naja, who stands at six feet tall even without her boots on, and completely dwarfs Matthew!

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