The Popular Girl

Clip Time: 7 Minutes Clip Size: 286/mb

Elena is the hottest, most popular girl in school and the History 102 professor paired her up for a research project with an absolute loser-nerd. While staying after class to do research, he confesses that he is incredibly distracted her beauty and is going to have a hard time focusing on the project. Elena decides to have some fun with the loser and suggests that maybe if she busts his nuts by kicking him with her boots he wont be as horny. Still angry she had to miss cheerleading practice to work on this project, she unleashes her fury with each ballbusting kick into his groin. And surprise-surprise the nerd gets a boner from the hottest girl in school pummeling his balls! She pulls his pants down so she can get in some good kicks directly to his exposed nuts. She makes a deal with him that if he writes the entire paper, she wont tell all the girls in the school about how he likes to get kicked in the balls! Humiliated and backed into a corner, he accepts her agreement. She leaves him writhing in pain after five final hard kicks to the balls

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