Tied Up & Kicked HARD

Clip Time: 12 Minutes Clip Size: 120/mb

Dressed in my ultra tight wetlook lycra catsuit looking simply divine, I find another little ballbusting toy to play with my in dungeon!Just hanging around there’s no escape for him – or more to the point no escape from my severe kicks!!!With his arms strung up to the ceiling I begin to kick his delicate little balls.It’s not long before he is wimpering away and his poor little balls are glowing red!!!!I show no mercy for his pathetic manhood and carry on kicking them very hard because I enjoy being mean to his testicles.A little squeezing and kneeing thrown in for good measure and more hard kicking. I then tape his cock out of my way so I have a nice direct aim at his bollocks with nothing in the way of my targets, and "go to town and do some proper ballbusting" which ends in as I describe in this video "some nicely mashed up balls" and very heavy breathing from my ballbusting slave! Some VERY HARD, very mean and very tasty ballbusting

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