Trinity Milks Him Full

Clip Time: 13 Minutes Clip Size: 298/mb

He is very worried that his balls are completely ruined after Trinitys last session with him. Trinity is not worried at all, but she is going to tease him none the less. She starts out by stroking his cock while kneeing his balls. His cock gets more and more firm the more she strokes and knees him in his balls. She calls him her ball bitch and toys with his mind sexually. Once very long and hard she starts kneeing him even harder to see how much he can take. She really enjoys giving him the pleasure and pain. What she really wants to see is if he can cum under this mix of pleasure and pain. Eventually he does start to cum and Trinity squeezes every last bit out of his balls. Then she squeezes his balls hard and strokes him painfully until the end of this clip. There is plenty of verbal exchange in this clip and Trinity is very seductive.

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