Triple Team Ballbusting Beatdown – Part 1

Clip Time: 11 Minutes Clip Size: 804/mb

Bikinis, Wet Look Latex, Thongs, and Three Beautiful Ballbusters, what more could you ask for?!In this yummy 3 on 1 Ballbusting / Body Busting Beatdown, Lady Shayne takes the lead as these three sexy Vixens take turns Kicking this loser’s Ass! First, Lady Shayne Scissorholds him with her strong legs forcing him into an all-fours position, as the Powerhouse Tanya Steel Kicks him in the Balls from Behind! Our pet whimpers and cries as Lady Shayne teaches her to go from 25% strength up to 75%. Let it be known that Tanya Steel has yet to go 100% Full Forced kicks yet. She has a background in MMA and is capable of splitting blocks of wood with her lethal feet, the first loser to allow her to have his nuts will be taking them home in a bag!Alexa Fires sits her tight little butt right on his back as he struggles to stay still for Tanya’s kicks. Lady Shayne makes it clear that if she falls, his nuts will be Destroyed! The camera captures her Ball Kicks along with a great show of her Strong Legs and Perfect Thong-covered Ass.Next Lady Shayne teaches Alexa some Belly punching techniques as the Body Busting fun continues. All three sexy ladies enjoy Humiliating and Teasing our pet as he struggles to endure our punishment and we just laugh at his pain.The loser is forced to his knees as Fires locks him in a chokehold so Tanya can kick him in the chest, stomach, and of course the NUTS!After a few good Kicks he falls to the floor, and all three ladies begin Kicking the Crap outta him while he’s down. Lady Shayne and Tanya kick and stomp his ribs while Alexa works over his Balls from behind! LOL!

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