What’s It Like to Get Busted in the Balls Asks Siren Thorn – HD

Clip Time: 5 Minutes Clip Size: 191/mb

I’ve always wondered what it’s like to get hit in the balls. It’s so funny to watch you when your balls get busted! See, I don’t have balls so you can smack my crotch like this and it just doesn’t do anything. It doesn’t hurt at all. But when I barely tap your crotch you’re all like, "Uhhh uhh owww!" Hahaha! It’s really funny to watch. It sucks that it’s so sensitive between your legs, huh? It actually turns me on when someone gives my vagina a little smack, but you, you’re falling on the ground in pain when someone smacks your balls! Does that mean that women are just tougher than men, in general? I mean, if it’s THAT easy to take a guy down. All I have to do is reach for the balls. Ha! It’s so simple.

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