Whipping his balls to a Pulp – Part 2

Clip Time: 7 Minutes Clip Size: 82/mb

Mandy has shackled her slave to give his balls a good busting. She binds his balls to fully expose them and starts by taking her whip to his testicles!!! The crack of sharp leather from her new whip stings against his bulging scrotum! He yells in pain as his balls are whipped again and again. Then as she stretches his sack even harder she uses her new leather paddle to make him scream like a girl!! This is the most pain Robert has ever been subjected to and Mandy is getting off on it! Then she grabs his nuts and squeezes as she lifts him off the bed by his testicles.. Ohhhhh God!!! he screams as his nuts are about to explode out of his sack!!!! Scream!!! Scream Like A Girl!! Mandy orders as the tips of her whip crack against his throbbing nuts!!! In the end he begs her to stop as his nuts can’t take any more..

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