Who Wants to be a Ballbuster, 18 year old Version- Tonya vs. Heather

Clip Time: 18 Minutes Clip Size: 438/mb

Ballbusting Legends is very proud to introduce Tonya! Tonya is a stunning beauty with sexy long legs, and some of the biggest and most beautiful 18 year old breasts you have ever seen on a slender body! Although this was her first time busting balls, you would never know if from her complete lack of caution when doing it. Both of these girls smash the bb pets nuts time and time again, and their heartfelt laughter while he writhes in pain is a great thing to watch! Heather also returns in this clip. Very few have ever had more fun smashing balls than she does, her permanent smile and enthusiasm for ruthless ballbreaking is incredibly sexy, as is her beauty and her rack, which has never looked better. If you can find two 18 year olds looking this good busting balls, on any other site, ever….well, you can’t!

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