Witches Brew Ballbusting

Clip Time: 12 Minutes Clip Size: 476/mb

A couple of witches, Bella and Freya, are brewing a potion for a spell and require a special ingredient….semen from a pair of swollen, bruised balls!! They already have captured a male victim and stripped, cuffed and gagged him with an apple! The witches tear off the victim’s whitey tighties as he tries to beg and plead with them to let him go but its no use…the sexy witches are going to get the swollen, bruised balls they need for the ritual. Using their leather thigh high boots they take turns kicking his exposed testicles and holding him in place. While looking him in the eyes, they explain that once his balls are swollen enough, they are going to split his scrotum open and remove what they need for their potion!!!

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