You Will Learn To Like It

Clip Time: 9 Minutes Clip Size: 359/mb

A new young guy moved in a few doors down. Marley and Brooklynne had their eyes on him, and thought he was cute – but more of an awkward pathetic shy kind of cute. They thought he would make a new perfect toy for them. They invite him over and of course he agrees since they are both hot. He is very quiet, and very naive. The girls convince him to take his clothes off, they tie his hands behind his back and put a mask on him. He says he is not into this ‘kind of stuff". The girls think it is cute, and funny. They push him up against the wall and take his boxers off. And start doing what they love best, attacking his balls. He’s scared and it hurts, and hes shaking not knowing whats gonna happen to him next. But strangely enough his dick is hard and leaking. And he can’t figure out why. Marley has to leave early but Brook hasn’t had enough. She ties his hands tightly down through the pegs of the heavy leather folded down couch and comfortably continues to torment him with flicks and slaps of the balls. He tries to move his legs but she gets mad and pins them open to get in more slaps. His balls feel completely swollen and painful, but hes can’t understand why he is miraculously rock hard. All Brook is doing is tormenting his balls for her own amusement. He says he thinks hes going to cum from it, so Brook gets up and just walks away. He starts screaming and cums on himself while Brook is on the other side of the room. She shakes her head and laughs and leaves him there.

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