Young Ballbusting Newbie

Clip Time: 17 Minutes Clip Size: 685/mb

Alexandra is 18 years old, very shy and quiet. She doesnt say much, but does giggle. Marley wanted to try and break her out of her shell. Marley had her sissy boy slave boy over and put him in a mask that makes him look like a sissyboy. He’s a little guy, not much bigger than Alexandra, good person for Alexandra to start with. And he can’t handle much pain either. The girls take turns slapping, kneeing, squeezing and kicking his groin. Marley trying to encourage Alexandra to go harder, but not sure it worked so well. Lots of scissorholds from Marley to keep sissyboy pinned. Even Alexandra gave scissorholds a try. This was the first time experiencing anything like ballbusting and scissors. She didn’t even know such things existed.

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