Your Balls are the Payment

Clip Time: 9 Minutes Clip Size: 346/mb

Dumb-ass Jay thought that simply by wearing his lucky outfit that his football team, the Chiefs, would actually win and beat the Patriots. Unfortunately for him he placed a bet with Jasmine Mendez that he will forever regret. If he had won the bet he would have been allowed to gaze upon Jasmine topless; but instead he is going to get his balls absolutely pulverized. Jasmine never had a doubt in her mind that her team was going to win and is beyond excited to pummel this loser’s balls with kick after kick. She verbally berates and humiliates him for his team losing while simultaneously delivering a devastating ballbusting. By the end Jasmine has completely destoryed his ego, pride, and manhood and forced him into making the same bet on the next game!!

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