Your Balls Fit My Foot Perfectly Camera 2

Clip Time: 6 Minutes Clip Size: 400/mb

These two guys are discussing the best way to treat a woman to get them to have sex. One guy is mouthing off about his technique when in walks Jem Stone. He makes a comment about her ‘funbags’ which she takes exception to and lulls him in to a false sense of security by getting him to drop his pants. He does so giving a thumbs up to his friend, Jem the grabs his head and buries it in her ‘funbags’ and at the same time rams her knee hard in to his balls. She then does the same to the other guy. She follows this up by hard kicks and knees to the balls both from the front and from behind. She grabs their balls and squeezes and crushes them. She then sits on the sofa and stands them one at a time in front of her and again squashes their cock and balls with her feet. She grabs their balls with both her feet and pulls downwards nearly ripping them off. Your Balls Fit My Foot Perfectly’ she tells them as she kicks them in the balls again and again. She eventually finishes them both of with kicks to the balls. It is painfully obvious that our guys technique needs some improvement.

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