You’re Shooting Blanks for Life: Starring Taylor and Sonia

Clip Time: 13 Minutes Clip Size: 988/mb

We are very proud to introduce the mega-sexy 20 year old Sonia for this clip! Sonia is one you guys are sure to love- she has a "young Sandra Bullock thing" going on, with a smokin’ body, ruthless kicking power, and a naturally sassy attitude. Taylor is also back in this clip! For those who do not know her yet, you will soon enough! This 19 year old bombshell is what we are all about- while she has a gorgeous face and an unreal set of legs and ass, and also kicks her hard, what really sets her apart is her incredible presence on camera. A real life serial nutcracker- she has that naturally teasing and degrading attitude way about her that is so captivating- you can’t take your eyes off of her while she’s on camera. Definitely a must see!

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