016 – Manager

Clip Time: 4 Minutos Tamaño del clip: 42/mb

Have you ever dreamt of having a blond manager as hot as Lisa? What if she’s wearing on a tight and short red dress to entice you with her long killing legs? This video starts with Lisa and Roksana planning some ballkicking games in spite of Alex. The ballkicking games start by Roksana messing up with Alex by grinding his balls, to make him upset. He goes to the manager as planned, veredict:guilty of course, and Lisa can soon start the nuts kicking. Alex balls must endure an uncountable number of kicks from Lisa. This blond ballbuster manager ensure his balls take a lot of kicks from behind, makes him strip down, she squishes and grinds his naked testicles, and she makes him stand again to take uncountable front kicks right to his nuts. When her long legs are to demolish his nuts, Lisa the blond manager stops the kicking to go to a more private room. But there’s no rest for the male employee here, because even a good manager like Lisa has her wishes to fulfill as a woman and this blond ballbuster nature is to use her long legs for kicking balls.

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