Barefoot Ballbreakers: Starring Yana and Sonia

Clip Time: 15 Minutes Clip Size: 1123/mb

Two of the most lethal hitters at BB Bombshells- Yana and Sonia- return for a great clip. These girls are two of the biggest and most enthusiastic kickers we have at Ballbusting Bombshells- and there is nobody more brutal with the "knee" to the groin than Yana- with her long background in Tae Kwon Do. Both of these girls are absolutely statuesque in this clip as they demolish the bb pet’s hapless nutsack time and time again. Enjoy! Primijetiti: This clip had a technical problem previously which has since been fixed. If you purchased it on October 23rd or 24th, send a proof of purchase to and we will send you a corrected version.

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