Knee Your Nuts Off: Starring Yana and Sophia

Isječak Vrijeme: 16 Zapisnik Isječak Veličina: 743/mb

Statuesque beauties Yana and Sophia return to break some balls in that most ruthless of game shows, "Knee Your Nuts Off". For those of you ballbusting fans who, like me, think that a "knee" to the groin is the hottest type of groin strike, this clip is a must see! While fans of this site can argue who is the hardest kicker- between Maria, Rachel, and Yana among others- I think that it’s almost beyond dispute that Yana throws the hardest "knee" to the balls . A long time Tae Kwon Do practitioner, she has the long, powerful legs, the skill, and the sheer ruthlessness to deliver devastating hits which seem to go almost "through" the bb pets nutsack. Sonia is one of our newer girls, but she has some serious potential in this "industry". She is much like Yana in that she has long sexy yet powerful legs and seems to show zero remorse about deliver bone-rattling testicle attacks! Both girls alternate just the right amount of seduction and teasing to go with their brutal attacks, keeping the bb pet guessing.

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