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Amai i Angel su vlasništvo sna stranku, and wanna play a little game. This guy is bound, arms and legs to the bed. And this is their entertainment. They went as far to custom make dice. One "die" has different ball hurting methods on each side. "Knees". "Squeeze" "Butt Bombs" "Reverse CowGirl Grab And Punch", "Gas Pedal" "Punt Kick". And then the other die has the numbers on each side. So the girls roll the dice together, to find out how many times and of which ball breaking method they will have fun doing. The struggling slave sees this going on and is thinking, WHAT KIND OF SICK GAME IS THIS?!. The girls are having too much fun. Even as his balls are turning bright red. Best time they have had in a while. Nothing like a fun game for them to play to keep entertained, even if its at the expense of your nuts.

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