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RICHIESTA: "Hello girls.My name is Evelina, and today I’m going to teach you self-defense techniques, namely, how to strike the pain points of the rapist.Beating we mainly legsfor the greatest effect.Availability of shoes, especially with heels, that’s how I [endured noku forward], much strengthen striking effect.In front of me a man, [name], which I’ll show you all the tricks.So, pain points on the body by Mister whom I will beat today is the eye, neck, abdomen, solar plexus, liver, kidneys, and of course, the groin.Thus, the impact on the eyes. Poking or pressing on the eyes, you cause the rapist sharp pain and disorientation. Showing [show itself can come up with which finger]. So, once again: pierce his eyes [are showing a few times].Then we go to the neck. A blow to the neck send a rapist in a knockout. Bemsya edge of his hand from side to kill cervical artery or directly with your fingers under the Adam’s apple. Showing [points]. So, once again: blows to the neck [show a few times].Avanti. A blow to the solar plexus you completely paralyze a man. It is already possible to beat and kicked. Bemsya fist [points] or leg swung [points]. So, once again: a blow to the solar plexus: [points].The blow to the stomach rapist bend in half and you will have the opportunity for other attacks. Bemsya fist [points] or leg swung [points]. So, once again: a blow to the stomach: [points].The kidneys and liver are not far from the surface and are very sensitive. A blow to the kidneys or the liver will cause severe sharp pain, dropping to the floor striker. Here is the liver [points]. So bemsya liver [show hands and feet].Here [points] are the kidneys. Ricordare: always bemsya struggling. Thus, a blow to the kidneys [show hands and feet].Now attention blow to the groin.The best way to neutralize the perpetratorit certainly hurt his gun violencehis genitals.Genitalia consist of the penis and the testicles, which are located in the scrotum. Beat the eggs will be precisely because they are the most sensitive.That is why this method is also called a "kick in the balls" or "hit in the balls."Blow inflicted leg with a flourish, with the toe shoes or knee, trying to hit the rapist eggs. Here it is: [pointing at the camera]: Kick – bend the leg at the knee, then abruptly straighten, bringing up the shin. Kick knee: take out sharply knee up as high as possible.So, kick in the balls [points to a man rashly foot, knee].If you can beat the good, you can aim at one of the testicles, thus increasing the pain and effects. Strong and well-aimed kick in the balls can castrate the rapist: he simply cut off crippled eggs in the hospital.Estesstvenno, if you wish, you can make castration and yourselfyou will see what you will bring pleasure to cut or tear the eggs of the bastards who encroached on your women’s honor and dignity.Well is all. Train at their husbands and friends, hit in the balls, learn to strike and the right to hit the testicles, and in any case, do not hesitate to their movements in the real worldbeat with all the dope, the defeatotobet liver otobet kidney otobet eggs himnot terribleit affects your life.See you girls! :)"

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