Princess Jewel’s First Time Punching and Grabbing Balls

Czas Filmu: 7 Protokół Rozmiar Filmu: 514/mb

Here at Team BALLBUSTER all our new girls have to pass our tryout before becoming full fledged members, and in this clip, I teach Princess Jewel the fun of Punching and Grabbing some Nuts! The rule is, she needs to make our victim fall to the ground crying to pass the tryout, but Jewellery seems to be aiming to completely Castrate this loser! She clearing LOVES Busting Balls as much as the rest of us as we take turns punching, grabbing, and uppercutting the loser in an attempt to Punch his Testicles Off! Her powerful punches are perfectly executed and her aim is flawless, but let’s see if I can Pound his Nuts even HARDER? When she grabs a hold of his package she squeezes until she hears them CRUNCH, so I grab the other Testicle and see who’s got the stronger Grip! LOL! This poor loser is going to get his Nuts RIPPED OFF before we’re through!- Ashley Sparks XoX

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